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As a local pioneer in the industry, VTR achieved many firsts, not only did VTR build the first testing laboratory in Malaysia for air distribution system silencers based on ISO7235, VTR was also the first local noise control company to achieve ISO9001, a global standard for quality management systems.

To date, VTR has successfully completed the audits by European Certification Group, certified to ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 in Malaysia.

In addition, VTR is also registered and audited with Achilles' FPS Oil and Gas Asia Pacific Community.

Here in VTR, we are capable of echoing many corporate health and safety compliance regulations and continue to strive to achieve the highest quality in products and services. 


All of our welders are qualified welders for carbon steel and stainless steel. VTR operates under Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS), supported by Procedure Qualification Record (PQR). 


VTR's testing laboratory is the first and the only custom-made testing facility for air distribution system silencers.

Built in accordance with ISO7325, 'Acoustics-Laboratory measurement procedures for ducted silencers and air terminal units', the testing facility measures 11m and is located within our manufacturing plant. It has been operational since 1995. 

The test lab is designed to:

  • Measuring the insertion loss of the silencers when a noise source passes through;

  • Measuring the airflow when air (driven by variable speed fan 1m in diameter) is flowing through the silencers;

  • Measuring the pressure drop across the silencer.

We have developed our proprietary software in noise and vibration control to improve our efficiency servicing our clientele. Furthermore, we also employ CadnaA, Odeon and Solidworks to complement more complex simulations including acoustics, fluids, wind load and static analysis. 

Our Production

VTR is the design and manufacturing arm for KSM Group's in-house brand of full range, ready-to-implement noise control devices, Phoenix. 

Our strength lies within technical solutions, and to date, is the only local manufacturer for blowdown silencers in Malaysia.

As a pioneer in Malaysia's industrial noise and vibration control industry, we are constantly rethinking efficient and innovative ways to work. 


VTR is a leading provider of turnkey industrial noise and vibration control solutions in Malaysia and the surrounding region.


Following an in-depth consultation and simulation studies, we design, manufacture, assemble and install the custom-made components for you.

Explore the full range of Phoenix noise control equipment, designed and manufactured by VTR.

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