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We aspire to build a respectable and sustainable business group with diverse yet specialized portfolio serving markets across Asia Pacific. 

By growing our partnerships, network, and resources, we bring cutting-edge products and solutions to our customers. 

We leverage our skills, resources, and network to expand and grow our partners’ market share in Asia Pacific. 

We nurture our employees, community, and environment to drive sustainable and meaningful growth.

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We build on the past four decades’ experience to deliver even greater value and efficiency to our customer and partners.


Our Story

KSM Group's trading roots dates back to the day this company was founded in 1982. We started off with a few niche brands in the industrial field and built our reputation as a result-driven partner. 


​By 1985, we had formed Novico Engineering, a joint venture, with Brüel & Kjær (B&K), a Danish firm specializing in sound and vibration measurement equipment. B&K's technology, which produced an unsurpassable level of accuracy, was what our tenet is all about. We increased B&K's sales drastically in Malaysia throughout the partnership. 

In 1990, we started representing Multilin, a Canadian industrial relay technology leader, in Malaysia. In 1993, we established Phoenix by KSM to bring customized noise control solutions to the underserved Malaysian market. Within a decade, Phoenix's products were exported to Taiwan, Brunei, Singapore, and Australia. By 1995, General Electric (GE) had acquired Multilin to strengthen its industrial digital relay portfolio, thereby marking the beginning of KSM Group's partnership with GE.

​We acquired national distributorship for Silvent, a Swedish pneumatic brand which makes significantly quieter air guns and nozzles, since early 2000s. In 2020, we expanded upon our advanced engineering skills through Novico by KSM. 

As a trading group, our commitment is our principals' market share and growth in Asia Pacific. That commitment is realized through dedicated intelligence services such as due diligence and market research. Getting to know targeted client base's needs and wants firsthand has helped us and our partners strategize effectively. 

More importantly, by living up to our motto - do the right thing the right way, KSM Group manages business in a highly systematic way. From finance to legal, we've been using our business process facilities to support our principals in the region. If you are looking for a partner to distribute your innovative and quality solutions, we'd love to hear from you.

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