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Multilin MultiSync 100

Accurate time synchronization is required to coordinate the actions of protective relays, generator controllers, distributed resources, power system controllers, energy storage, and microgrids. Every device must be synchronized to the same time source to ensure coordinated action. Traditional time synchronization methods have shortcomings, such as the separate analog copper wiring required for IRIG-B or the lower accuracy of SNTP/NTP over Ethernet networks.

The MultiSync™ 100 uses the IEEE Standard 1588-2008 for Precision Clock Synchronization Protocols used in Networked Measurement and Control Systems, as well as the C37.238-2011 IEEE Standard Profile used in Precision Time Protocols within Power System Applications. As a result, the MultiSync 100 provides highly accurate time synchronization, and allows for the gradual retirement of less accurate or more costly methods.

Manufacturing for the MultiSync 100 1588 GPS clocks will be discontinued by 9th July, 2018. As an alternative, please refer to the Reason RT43x range of satellite clocks.


Key Benefits:

  • Supports latest 1588-2008 and C37.238-2011 standards for Ethernet-based time synchronization

  • Upgrade existing substations to 1588 support without replacing existing time synchronization infrastructure

  • Provides accurate time synchronization for protection and control applications through Multilink Ethernet switches, Universal Relays, and 8-Series relays

  • Designed and tested specifically for rugged environments such as utility substations


MultiSync GEA12796E

MultiSync 1588A3

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