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Multilin MCAG

High Impedance Bus Differential Relay

MCAG relays provide high-speed differential protection for various types of power system plants Including generators, reactors, busbars, motors and the individual windings of power transformers. The relays provide current-calibrated busbar differential and have an attracted armature design with simple and robust construction.

Key features :

  • High thermal withstand - improved when used with the stabilising resistor

  • Long service history, over 43,000 delivered since 1984

  • Design pedigree coming from over a million auxiliary relays in-service


Key benefits :

  • High stability during through faults  Operation is fast and reliable (25ms at 5 x setting)

  • Easy integration into 4U height MIDOS rack schemes

  • Highly-tuned to the fundamental to prevent spurious operation


Main characteristics :

  • 3 element relay supplied in a 30TE (size 6 inch) case

  • Supplied with a stabilising resistor

  • Optional Metrosil available to limit CT saturation voltage

  • Use with MVTP where scheme buswire supervision is required


MCAG Brochure

MCAG Manual

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