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MiCOM Agile P591/2/3

Interface Units

Sophisticated connection and synchronization functions

This range of MiCOM standalone units enables the MiCOM Agile P54x current differential relays and MiCOM relays with InterMiCOM64 to be connected to remote pulse code modulation (PCM) multiplexing equipment

Flexibility, secure connections and clear visualisation 

The MiCOM Agile P591, P592 and P593 range offers the flexibility to use current differential protection over integrated services digital network (ISDN), multiplexers and modem connections. Its loopback facilities can be used to simplify the differential scheme test. The range also provides clear visual indication for easy diagnostic and testing.

The interface options:

  • P591 - Fiber optic to electrical signal G.703 (co-directional) 64 Kbit/s or 2Mbit/s

  • P592 - Fiber optic to electrical signal V.35

  • P593 - Fiber optic to electrical signal X.21




MiCOM Agile P59X manual

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