MiCOM Agile P34x

GE's Agile P34x generator protection solutions provide extensive functionality to meet all generator and generator - transformer applications, including differential protection for fast and selective tripping of phase and earth faults. All generator protection, control, monitoring, recording and communications components are housed within one box, and the solutions are accompanied by a comprehensive library of hardware options, protection and control functions to meet system requirements.

Key Benefits

  • Extensive condition-based monitoring features for generators and transformers

  • Graphical programmable scheme logic eases protection scheme creation and avoids the need for external logic controllers

  • Range of different protocols (MODBUS, DNP3, IEC 60870-5-103 and IEC 61850) are available

  • IEC 61850 / DNP3.0 redundant Ethernet, supporting self healing ring, RSTP, dual homing or PRP

  • Programmable curves for easy protection customization

Main Characteristics

  • Sensitive rotor earth fault protection using low frequency injection method

  • Harsh Environment Option to protect against corrosive gases such as H2S or SO2

  • Generator and transformer thermal overload, transformer loss of life and through fault monitoring

  • Extensive protection for large machines such as pole slipping and 100% stator earth fault protection (3rd harmonic and low frequency injection method)


  • P342 Small Generator Management IED

  • P343 Medium to Large Sized Generator Management IED

  • P344 Generator Management IED with 2 Neutral Voltage Inputs

  • P345 Large Generator Management IED with 100% Stator Earth Fault

  • P346 Small Generator Management IED with Differential

  • P348 Variable Speed Double Fed Induction Machine protection IED

  • P391 Rotor Earth Fault Unit


The Agile Generator/DG Interconnection/DLR P341-6 IEDs are now available with software 38/72. This software allows new enhancements and protection improvements in P341-6 range of products.

The IEDs available with the new software are:

  • P341 Interconnection/DLR: Hardware P (P341) / Software v38 (standard), v72 (with DLR)

  • P342-6 Generator: Hardware P (P342), M (P343/4/5/6) / Software v38


The new software features:

  • Enhanced power protection with 4 stages of single phase power/VAR (P341-6) selectable as A/B/C phase or 4 stages wattmetric power/VAR (P345) and 4 stages of 3 phase power/VAR protection (P341-6)

  • New minimum power setting reduced to 0.2%Pn for large generator reverse power applications

  • New user curves for overcurrent, voltage dependent overcurrent, earth fault, SEF, under/overvoltage, NVD, V/Hz for creation of user specific characteristics eg for undervoltage fault ride through applications

  • Independent voltage dependent overcurrent (51V) and underimpedance (21) protection

  • New field failure directional line and increase in setting ranges for field failure elements

  • 3rd stage of undervoltage protection

  • Enhanced cybersecurity

  • New PSL counters and timers settable in PSL or in settings enables more complex logic schemes to be created such as equivalent logic to TP2xx pole slipping (de-synchronization) relay

  • A large range of communications protocols including IEC61850 8-1 and new DNP 3.0 over Ethernet

  • New XCPU3 with extended memory, new opto input and PSU design (P and M hardware)

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