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MiCOM Agile P15D

Feeder Protection

The MiCOM Agile P15D is a dual-powered non-directional overcurrent and earth fault relay. It provides protection for applications where no external auxiliary power is available or the auxiliary supply does not guarantee the dependability required for protection applications. The relay is designed for MV/LV industrial installations, distribution network substations and more specifically in RMU networks for protection and monitoring purposes. It may also be applied for direct refurbishment of substations using older induction-disc IDMT overcurrent relays, as the P15D energizes from the line current transformers in the same way that the disc relay derived its operating power source from the CTs only.

The main protection functions are timed and instantaneous phase and earth fault protection, with up to 3 independent stages available. Thermal overload, cold load pickup, inrush blocking and multiple setting groups add to the application capabilities of this versatile relay.

Key Benefits:

  • CT only or dual-powered relay

  • Minimal burden on substation battery when the feeder is energized

  • Cost effective, compact size

  • Measurement, protection and monitoring in one box

  • Front USB port for local communication

  • Internal battery maintains the LCD and communication during faults Substation staff can power-up the relay for interrogation even when the feeder is de-energized

  • The user-friendly interface facilitates easy reading of measured values and simple configuration

  • Password protection for security

  • Extensive self-supervision and internal diagnostics

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P15D Brochure

P15D Manual

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