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MiCOM Agile P841

Line Terminal Protection Systems

The MiCOM Agile P841 is a multifunctional line terminal IED for control and back-up protection in transmission and sub-transmission feeder bays. The P841 provides management of single or dual breaker autoreclose logic schemes with synchrocheck.


Key features :

  • Extremely versatile, e.g. managing leader-follower reclosing schemes in the event of dual breaker application

  • Transmission-class circuit breaker failure protection

  • Operator control and plant status indication facilities - 10 fully programmable function keys and tri-color LEDs


Models :

  • P841A Line Terminal Management IED

  • P841B Used for line terminals supplied by two circuit breakers, such as mesh/ring bus, double-bus, and breaker and a half feeding


What's New

Enhanced Ethernet board module with switchable Ethernet redundancy delivered in a single model.

The new board module is supported on P841 SW 76, 79 and 86.

It supports PRP, HSR and RSTP in one model, allowing a single P40 model to be used in any application requiring redundant Ethernet communications. The new module is designed to handle high density traffic in the IEC 61850-8-1 network, with time latency halved. Larger architecture digital substations can also be supported, with up to 50 nodes now possible in HSR rings.


Key Features & Benefits :

  • Universal IRIG-B – Modulated and demodulated supported in the same model

  • HSR Ring – Extended to 50 node support for larger substation architectures

  • Fast performance, particularly in onerous applications such as where process bus GOOSE is used for tripping purposes

P40-80TE-front-B-250px (1).png

MiCOM P841 Agile


MiCOM P841 Agile


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