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Time Delay Relays

The MVTT range is comprised of static time delay relays for use in all types of protection, control or automation schemes. The MVTT static time delay relays have the flexibility to be used in any type of protection, control or automation schemes. They have a wide setting range and are compact in design.

Wide setting range and easy selection

MVTT relays can be used in any type of protection, control or automation schemes. Offering a wide setting range, the relay time settings can be easily selected by means of thumbwheel switches. This range also provides time delayed pick-up, or drop-off.

Compact design and high flexibility

Ideal for alarm delays and to combat race problems in hard-wired scheme logic, the MVTT range benefits from an optimal design and user-friendly interface. This compact, numerical relay is equipped with flexible operating logic.

MVUA Time Delayed Auxiliary relays

The MVUA is a time delayed auxiliary relay for general applications in protection and control schemes applied to electrical power systems and industrial process plant. A wide range of contact configurations is available with a self reset mechanism. In addition to the normal duty contacts, heavy duty contacts fitted with blowout magnets are available.

The only model currently available is the MVUA 11 time delayed auxiliary relay with a self-reset output element. It may be used where a delayed operate/delayed reset or pulse operation is required.

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