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Reason RPV311

Digital Fault Recorder with PMU and TWFL

Phasor measurement, power quality, precision fault location and process bus options deliver the highest integration capabilities for digital substation and wide-area schemes (WAMS).

The RPV architecture is comprised of separate processing and measurement acquisition units, which communicate using dedicated fibre-optic links of up to 2km, allowing flexible installation and mounting. It is possible to install all the units in one panel, in a centralised solution, or it is also possible to install the acquisition units in the protection panels, communicating to one central processing unit. In the distributed architecture the electrical cabling is reduced, since it is not necessary to take all signals to one concentrated DFR panel.


Customer benefits :

  • High performance, modularity and flexibility, with support of high channel counts

  • Digital substation ready – IEC 61850-8-1 and -9-2LE

  • Measures both AC and DC analogue inputs: supports HVDC applications

  • Precision fault location with travelling waves (TWFL)

  • Fault recorder, disturbance recorder, continuous recorder (waveform and RMS)

  • Steady-state recorder, power quality recorder

  • Sequence of events recorder, real time monitor

  • Phasor measurement unit (PMU)


Reason RPV311


Reason RPV311


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