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Reason DR60

Compact Digital Fault Recorder

The Reason DR60 is a centralized one-box multifunctional digital fault recorder (DFR). For smaller and medium-sized recording applications, one single, powerful recording unit is applied, scaling to cover up to 32 analog inputs, up to 96 binary inputs and up to 48 binary outputs.  Such channel density in one device permits universal application in a very small panel or kiosk footprint.  For larger schemes, multiple devices can be networked and cross-triggered, such that desired substation topology and application requirements can be covered with ease.

The small form factor, together with the ruggedness of design drawn from field experience in yard-mounted applications, ensures that the Reason DR60 can be installed in harsh utility and industrial environments – whether harsh electrically, in climate, or in terms of available space.

Designed to natively support IEC 61850 communications, internal functions are implemented and mapped according to the latest IEC 61850 Edition 2 data models, ensuring ease of integration in today’s digital substation schemes.  The high scalability in binary I/O counts along with modern communications and synchronization protocols such as MMS, GOOSE and PTP precision-timing, place the DR60 at the forefront of digital fault recording technology.

High Accuracy Fault & Disturbance Recording :

  • Waveform (256 or 512 samples/cycle), disturbance and continuous disturbance recorders

  • Up to 16 voltage transformer + 16 current transformer inputs, 96 binary inputs, 32 transducer inputs and 48 binary outputs*


Advanced Communications :

  • MMS Report Control Blocks, GOOSE publisher and subscriber

  • Two electrical RJ45 or Optical LC Ethernet ports

  • Time synchronization using demodulated IRIG-B or PTP IEEE 1588v2

  • Predix™ ready for Industrial Internet connectivity


*counts may vary depending on CORTEC composition.


Reason DR60


Reason DR60


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