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Power Quality Meter

The PQM II is an ideal choice when continuous monitoring of a three phase system is required. It provides metering for current, voltage, real and reactive power, energy use, cost of power, power factor and frequency. Programmable setpoints and 4 assignable output relays allow control functions to be added for specific applications. This includes basic alarm on over/under current or voltage, unbalance, demand based load shedding, and capacitor power factor correction control. More complex control is possible using the 4 switch inputs which also can be used for status such as breaker open/closed, flow information etc.


New In Version 2.10:

  • Voltage Disturbance Recorder (VDR) to monitor voltage dips (voltage sags) and voltage spikes (voltage swells) with capacity for 500 sag/swell events.

  • DNP 3.0 Communications Protocol standard feature.

Features and Benefits

  • Mounting Versatility

  • Keypad with large illuminated 40-character display

  • Any assignable output may be used to trigger an alarm

  • May be connected to DCA or SCADA systems

  • Flash upgradeable

  • Compatible with MultiNet Serial to Ethernet Converter



  • Metering of distribution feeders, transformers, generators, capacitor banks and motors

  • Medium and low voltage systems

  • Commercial, industrial, utility

  • Flexible control for demand load shedding, power factor, etc.

  • Power Quality analysis tool


Protection and Control

  • A V W var VA varh Wh PF Hz unbalance

  • A W var VA demand

  • Load shedding

  • Power factor control

  • Pulse input totalizing


Monitoring and Metering

  • Ia Ib Ic In

  • Va Vb Vc Vab Vbc Vca

  • V I unbalance

  • True PF crest and K factor

  • Hz W var VA

  • Wh varh VAh W cost

  • Demand: A W var VA

  • Harmonic analysis through 63rd with THD and TIF

  • Event recorder - 150 events

  • Waveform capture

  • Data logger - 98,000 events

  • Voltage Disturbance Recorder (VDR)


User Interface

  • Front RS232 serial port (1,200 to 19,200 bps)

  • Two Rear RS485 serial ports

  • Ethernet connectivity provided by MultiNet

  • EnerVista software is provided for setup and monitoring functions

  • Dial-in modem capabilities






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