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Multilin iBox

Serial Substation Controller

Affordable & Realable Substation Automation


The iBox Controller combines advanced functionality, multiple communication ports and local I/O in a small footprint suitable for both pole-top or pad-mount feeder automation and substation automation applications. Sharing the D20’s large communication protocol and automation application library makes this product a little powerhouse that’s easy to learn for existing D20 customers. The optional LogicLinx® IEC61131-3 soft logic automation tool smoothly implements popular distribution automation applications such as capacitor bank control, outage prevention programs and feeder resource optimization.


Features & Benafits

  • Low unit cost makes it affordable to automate more devices leading to improved management of substation equipment and resources

  • Rugged, compact design fits into existing enclosures without environmental control equipment or added surge, impulse or EMI protection

  • Comprehensive protocol library gives the flexibility to set up a gateway and data concentration for feeder IEDs such as switches, reclosers, voltage regulators, revenue meters and capacitor bank controllers

  • Multiple status wetting voltages support equipment monitoring

  • Single point of failure and select-before operate control relays issue secure and reliable control operations

  • LogicLinx Editor makes it easy to build, implement and maintain multiple automation algorithms online with the i BOX serial substation controller

  • Full compliance with demanding international engineering standards


Multilin iBox


Multilin iBox


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