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Multilin D20E

Advanced Substation I/O Modules

The Multilin D20E is the next-generation input/output (I/O) module for substation automation and SCADA RTU applications, ideal for D20 I/O upgrade. As a non-edge device leveraging the latest technology in microprocessors, communications and applications, the D20E I/O can be deployed within an electronic security perimeter such as with a server (e.g. D20MX or D400) or with IEDs.

The D20E can also be used to replace legacy D20 I/O modules with minimal field wiring changes. The D20E has the same termination connector and alignment as the existing D20 I/O; this makes the D20E a practical and cost-effective solution for substation RTU and automation upgrades and retrofits.


Key benefits:

  • State-of-the-art control I/O modules

  • D20 I/O replacement with terminal block alignment and minimal field wiring required

  • Coupled with DAPserver, upgrade substation’s control equipment with added features and increased performance

  • Four hardware configuration models available for optimal adaptation to your project



  • New substation D20 I/O deployment

  • Legacy D20 I/O expansion and replacement

  • I/O modules for integrated substation control systems

  • I/O modules for primary equipment monitoring

  • I/O modules for distribution equipment monitoring

  • I/O modules for distribution automation (on-load tap changer, capacitor bank interface, voltage regulator interface)


Multilin D20E


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