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iSTAT i400

Standard multifunction transducer

The iSTAT i4Mx is a family of multifunctional and configurable RMS AC transducers designed to meet the requirements of the medium voltage utility and low voltage industrial markets throughout the world.

High sampling rates and true RMS measurement give accurate readings under all harmonic conditions, with Measurement accuracy better than 0.5% which is suitable for many applications.

The i4MT is a single or 3-phase communicating transducer with 4 output modules and more than 60 measurement values. The output modules can be factory fitted with Analogue or Alarm outputs to achieve the functionality required.

There are 2 single phase transducers i4MC (current) and i4MV (voltage, frequency) fitted with one Analogue output as standard.

The iSTAT i4Mx transducers are supplied with either a RS232 or RS485 communications port using the Modbus RTU protocol. The i4Mx transducers are also supplied with a USB port for programming the transducers before installation, without any wires connected to the product. This allows a large number of transducers to be programmed quickly.

The i4Mx transducers use the QDSP software to define and store settings. The DIN rail mounting case is available with utility grade pin terminals.

Replacement for i400 Transducers

Functional replacements are available for all i400 AC RMS transducers, but the option of configuration in the factory is not offered. The i4Mx transducers can communicate using the same MODBUS register map as used on the i400 AC transducers.


iSTAT i400 Brochure

iSTAT i400  Manual

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