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EPM 7000P

Versatile Power Quality Metering with Logging and Flexible Communications

The Multilin™ EPM 7000P is a versatile power quality meter offering that can be used for a wide range of high accuracy revenue and power quality applications for both Utility and Industrial customers.

Along with high accuracy and logging capabilities, the EPM 7000P provides flexible and customizable optional input/output (I/O) configurations (relay, status, and analog output) along with a variety of communication options (Modbus, Level 2 DNP3, GE EGD and IEC 61850) as well as a web server for easy system integration and communications. The EPM 7000P provides users with logging of accurate power quality and event information; and limit alarm triggers; allowing users to analyze historical trends and perform post fault investigations.

The EPM 7000P is also an enhanced, direct retrofit upgrade replacement for the EPM 7000 and is also available in a transducer version without display (EPM 7000PT).

Key Features

  • High resolution waveform recording (up to 512 samples/cycle) and high accuracy ANSI C12.20 Class 0.1% accuracy energy metering

  • Easy system integration with support for Modbus (RTU, TCP/IP), DNP 3.0, IEC 61850 and GE EGD Protocols

  • Field upgradeable functionality for future requirements with communications and I/O cards as well as software option functionality upgrades and logging memory (up to 128MB) to log years of captured data

  • Flexible installation mounting with standard ANSI cutout as well as available optional meter enclosures for retrofit applications and no display transducer version (EPM 7000T) for DIN rail mounting



  • New or retrofit (available enclosures) revenue energy billing or reconciliation (demand, time of use) for utility or industrial applications

  • Power quality studies/alarming/event capture for utility or industrial event investigation/reconciliation, ensuring uptime and predictive maintenance for critical power quality sensitive assets (Utility substation, Data Centers, Manufacturing, Hospitals)

  • Energy metering or power quality monitoring for harsh environments with standard conformal coating.

Enhanced Revenue and Power Quality Metering

The EPM 7000P has been designed with features to satisfy both revenue and power quality metering for utility substation and industrial applications.

Accurate Revenue Energy Metering

The EPM 7000P provides several features to support accurate Revenue Energy metering including: an Energy Test Pulse; ANSI C12.20 0.1% and IEC 62053-22 CL 0.2S Accuracy Class certification; Time of Use; CT/PT Compensation.

This allows the EPM 7000P the flexibility and capability to be installed either as a utility or industrial device to ensure accurate readings and assist with reconciliation of energy consumption.


Multifunction Metering & Power Quality Monitoring

The EPM 7000P can provide a total picture usage and power quality as different points within a power distribution network on critical infrastructure such as data centers, allowing users to make power related decisions quickly and effectively.

Extensive Logging Capability

The EPM 7000P provides up to 128MB of memory for logging.

Through upgradeable Software Options, the memory can be upgraded as requirements change from a multifunction meter with no logging to a logging capability up to 128MB.

The logging capability of the EPM 7000P provides:

  • Detailed information for analysis during Power Quality and/or Load studies

  • Logged data for Historical Logs; Meter System Events; I/O Changes; and Limits/Alarms


Historical Logs

  • Configure logging values with up to 6 assignable historical logs

  • Independently programmed trending profiles

  • Up to 64 parameters per log


System Events Log

To protect critical information captured by the EPM 7000P, the meter records and logs the following System Events with a time stamp to log and track:

  • System startup

  • Programmable settings changes

  • Password requests/sealing switch changes

  • Demand resets

  • Energy resets

  • Log resets

  • Critical data repairs


Input/Output (I/O) Change Log

  • Provides a time stamped log of meter I/O relay outputs; input status changes

  • Ability to capture up to 2048 events


Limit/Alarm Log

  • Provides magnitude and duration of an event

  • Includes time stamps and alarm value

  • Ability to capture up to 2048 events

  • Capability to send Alarm Email with E1 Ethernet card option


Limit Alarms and Control Capability

  • Ability to set up to 16 Limit Alarms on measured parameters

  • Monitor Voltage/Current unbalance

  • Set Alarms based on % of full scale settings

Extensive Communications and I/O Cards

The EPM 7000P provides two universal option slots for communications and/or I/O. The unit can be easily configured to accept new I/O cards even after installation by auto-detecting installed I/O option cards. Up to 2 cards of can be used for communications and or I/O per meter providing a range of integration possibilities.  

Along with I/O expandability the EPM 7000P can integrate with many different systems, using multiple standardized protocols such as Modbus RTU/ASCII/TCP, Level 2 DNP3 and IEC 61850.  Expandable communications cards allows customization for system requirements at time of purchase as well as in the future if requirements change.








E1: 100BaseT Ethernet Card (Modbus,DNP3)

  • 12 simultaneous Modbus TCP/IP connections

  • 5 simultaneous Level 2 DNP3 over TCP/IP connections

  • Network Time Protocol (NTP) support for high accuracy network time sync

  • Embedded web server

  • Available support for dual Ethernet Ports


E2: 100BaseT Ethernet with IEC 61850 Protocol

  • Simultaneous Modbus TCP/IP and IEC 61850

  • IEC 61850 Support including:

    • Configurable .CID file

    • 5 Simultaneous MMS Clients

    • Multiple Logical Nodes


C1: Four Channel Bi-directional 0-1mA Outputs

  • Assignable to any parameter

  • 0.1% of Full Scale

  • Max Load Impedance 0 to 10KΩ


C2: Four Channel Bi-directional 4-20mA Outputs

  • Assignable to any parameter

  • 0.1% of full scale

  • 850Ω, at 24VDC

  • Loop powered using up to 24VDC


RS: Two Output Relays/ Two Status Inputs

  • 250VAC/30VDC – 5A Relays, Form C

  • Trigger on user set alarms

  • Set delays and reset delays


PS: Four Pulse Outputs / Four Status Inputs

  • Programmable to any energy parameter or pulse value

  • Form A: Normally Open Contacts

  • Can function for manual relay control and limit based control


F1: Fiber Optic Interface with ST Termination

  • Daisy Chain switchable built-in logic mimics RS485 half duplex bus to support daisy chain for lower installation cost/ effort

  • ST terminated

  • Modbus and Level 2 DNP3 Protocols available


F2: Fiber Optic interface with Versatile Link Termination

  • Daisy Chain switchable built-in logic mimics RS485 half duplex bus to support daisy chain for lower installation cost/ effort

  • Versatile terminated

  • Modbus and Level 2 DNP3 Protocols available


S1: Serial RS232/RS485 Communications

  • Programmable RS485 or RS232 Port

  • Adds up to 2 ports per meter in addition to the standard Serial RS485 port

  • Supports one session at a time of DNP3 serial communication per meter

Comprehensive, Upgradeable Features

Along with basic standard features (Software Option A) the EPM 7000P provides field upgradeable, post installation Software Options. An unlock key for the higher Software Option can be entered in the GE Communicator Setup software providing more functionality with the same installed unit in the future. The following table illustrates the available features and upgrades.





EPM 7000PT Transducer Option

The EPM 7000P is available in a Transducer Option (EPM 7000PT). The EPM 7000PT is ideal for use in applications where a meter display or front port is not required and/or there are mounting/installation constraints in terms size or location within a switchgear cabinet or enclosure. The EPM 7000PT Transducer option also provides a more economical alternative to the EPM 7000P when a display is not required and there are only communications requirements.



  • Similar Configuration, Software, Communication options as the EPM 7000P

  • Easy installation supporting International Standards DIN 46277/3

  • Field replaceable I/O modules



















Multilin Meter Enclosure

Expanding existing switchgear or installing new metering capability can be challenging due to space limitations, downtime and installation and equipment costs. GE's Multilin Meter Enclosure is a pre-wired configured, economical solution for both retrofit expansions and small scale meter installations that allows the expansion of existing switchgear capability without expensive and time-consuming design.

When ordered as a meter option the enclosure provides a factory pre-wired, installation-ready metering solution that further drives energy cost savings, by enabling the measurement of key energy usage information along multiple metering points for new or existing systems.

Ordering the enclosure is simple when selected as an option during meter configuration, ensuring correct pre-wired meter-compatible delivery.

Pre-Wired, Configured and Economical Solution for Retrofit and Small Metering Systems

Easy and Rapid Installation

  • Factory pre-wired, installation-ready GE metering solution eliminates wiring and associated errors for rapid installation

  • Extend metering capability with new systems and existing switchgear without system installation downtime


Cost-Effective Retrofit Solution

  • Save up to 200% versus the addition of a new switchgear cabinet

  • Compact footprint makes effective use of existing allocated space

  • Allows new installations or the expansion of existing switchgear capability without expensive, time-consuming designs, eliminating system downtime


Reliable and Compatible

  • Backed by a 10 year warranty

  • Simple meter option ordering ensures compatibility with GE EPM 2000/6010/6000/7000 meters

  • Comprehensive factory testing of both meter and enclosure together

  • NEMA1 tested and UL/CUL certified


Applications (New and Retrofit installations)

  • Industrial Multi-Tenant Monitoring

  • Commercial/Residential Buildings

  • Healthcare Institutions

  • Government Buildings

  • Manufacturing

  • Educational Campuses


















































EPM 7000P Brochure

EPM 7000P Manual


Configure up to 6 Historical Logs Limit log


View System Events


Limit log viewer

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