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EPM 2200  Digital Power Meter

Economical Power and Energy Measurement

The Multilin™ EPM 2200 meter is an economical, multifunction power meter providing accurate energy measurements to baseline, support and implement an effective energy management strategy. Its flexible communications options provides easy integration into both electrical monitoring and Building Management systems (BMS). The EPM 2200 provides energy visibility, allowing owners and operators to quickly, accurately and centrally verify system uptime, measure power and energy usage to reduce operating expenses as well as support reporting to qualify for environmental standards (LEED) or various incentive programs.

The EPM 2200 empowers users with greater energy and operational awareness providing opportunities to lower energy costs, improve tenant attraction and retention and ensure standards compliance throughout facilities. Furthermore, the EPM 2200's compact size provides easy panel or enclosure mounting for energy monitoring for generator, substation automation, and industrial applications.


Key Benefits

  • Easy integration to both electrical monitoring systems or Building Management (BMS) through optional Modbus Serial or optional simultaneous BACnet MS/TP and Modbus Ethernet communications

  • 0.5% Class revenue accuracy to support detailed reporting requirements

  • Reliable, compact, industrial rated design with easy ANSI/DIN installation

  • Ultra compact, easy to install, program and use

  • Highly visible, long life, large 3 line 0.56” bright LED display to easily read measured values

  • Application flexibility with user programmability for different system voltages and current measurement requirements.

  • Available pre-wired meter enclosure option enabling easy new installations or extension of existing metering capabilities without operational downtime or expensive engineering efforts



  • Low and medium voltage applications including circuit/operational monitoring for main feeders, branch circuits, and gensets

  • Building Management Systems (BMS)/HVAC Monitoring

  • Energy metering for LEED Projects and Green/Smart Buildings

  • Industrial/Commercial Energy Management and Data Center Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE)

  • Tenant sub-metering and cost allocation

  • Load management and load curtailment


The EPM 2200 Power Meter is a 0.5% Accuracy Class meter, providing real-time measurement of current and voltage and offers optional support for Power, Energy, Frequency, and Power Factor measurements.

Universal Voltage and Current Inputs

The meter allows voltage inputs measurements up to 416 Volts Line to Neutral and 721 Volts Line to Line. This insures proper meter safety when wiring directly to high voltage systems. The unit will perform to specification on 69 Volt, 120 Volt, 230 Volt, 277 Volt and 347 Volt power systems.



Unique Current Input Connections

EPM 2200 meter uses two current input wiring methods.

  • Method One - CT pass through. Directly pass the CT through the meter without any physical termination on the meter. This insures that the meter cannot be a point of failure on the CT circuit. This is preferable to utility users when sharing relay class CTs. No Burden is added to the secondary CT circuit.

  • Method Two - Current “Gills.” The meter additionally provides ultra-rugged termination pass through bars allowing the CT leads to be terminated on the meter. This also eliminates any possible point of failure at the meter. This method is also a preferred technique for ensuring relay class CT integrity does not get compromised. No terminal blocks are required and this stud based design ensures that CTs will not open under a fault condition.

























































Through an optional serial Modbus communications interface, the EPM 2200 can also provide data to RTUs, PLCs and other control devices at baud rates ranging from 9600 baud to 57.6 kbaud.

BACnet Communications

The EPM 2200 meter also supports optional, simultaneous BACnet MS/TP and Modbus Ethernet communications for easy integration into BMS and electrical monitoring systems.






Expanding existing switchgear or installing new metering capability can be challenging due to space limitations, downtime and installation and equipment costs. GE's Multilin Meter Enclosure is a pre-wired configured, economical solution for both retrofit expansions and small scale meter installations that allows the expansion of existing switchgear capability without expensive and time-consuming design.


When ordered as a meter option the enclosure provides a factory pre-wired, installation-ready metering solution that further drives energy cost savings, by enabling the measurement of key energy usage information along multiple metering points for new or existing systems.


Ordering the enclosure is simple when selected as an option during meter configuration, ensuring correct pre-wired meter-compatible delivery.


Pre-Wired, Configured and Economical Solution for Retrofit and Small Metering Systems


Easy and Rapid Installation

  • Factory pre-wired, installation-ready GE metering solution eliminates wiring and associated errors for rapid installation

  • Extend metering capability with new systems and existing switchgear without system installation downtime


Cost-Effective Retrofit Solution

  • Save up to 200% versus the addition of a new switchgear cabinet

  • Compact footprint makes effective use of existing allocated space

  • Allows new installations or the expansion of existing switchgear capability without expensive, time-consuming designs, eliminating system downtime


Reliable and Compatible

  • Backed by a two-year warranty

  • Simple meter option ordering ensures compatibility with GE EPM 2000/6010/6000/7000 meters

  • Comprehensive factory testing of both meter and enclosure together

  • NEMA1 tested and UL/CUL certified


Applications (New and Retrofit installations)

  • Industrial Multi-Tenant Monitoring

  • Commercial/Residential Buildings

  • Healthcare Institutions

  • Government Buildings

  • Manufacturing

  • Educational Campuses





EPM 2200 Brochure

EPM 2200 Manual

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