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D Watch

Intelligent Monitoring and Control of Disconnectors

GE's DWatch performs permanent real time monitoring of the operational parameters of disconnectors and records all operating curves locally.

The DWatch also controls the speed of the live part during opening and closing in a specific and programmable manner for all disconnector types. These profiles can be easily set by internal dip-switches. Such control helps in always having a constant operating time in different conditions of power supply and load.

Secured online communications easily integrate into customer IT architectures to deliver relevant data to maintenance managers, asset managers and network operators.

The DWatch mechanism provides an exhaustive real-time condition assessment of critical disconnectors with incipient failure detection features to reduce the chances of catastrophic equipment failure and preserve network performance.

DWatch records information coming from the sensors installed on the disconnector and analyzes it with standard models programmed into the system.



  • Continuous online monitoring and control of mechanical parts and live part temperature

  • Early detection of excessive wear and tear according to actual health

  • Flexible configuration

  • Improved reliability, extended lifetime and predictive maintenance

  • Scalable solution


D Watch Brochure

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