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USB-to-Serial Cable Converter

Connect GE Multilin IEDs to PCs with USB ports

This cable is the solution for users who want to communicate with GE Multilin IEDs via PCs that have USB communication ports. Using this cable is quick and easy. Simply install the cable driver on your PC, plug in the cable and you are ready to communicate.


Features and Benefits

  • Designed for high speed transmissions for optimal performance

  • Flexible 6 ft long cable

  • Premium quality

  • Ergonomic molding for easy connections



  • RS-232C standard compliant

  • Powered by your computer's USB bus

  • DB 9 male connector


Hardware Requirements

  • Pentium II class processor or higher

  • A PC with one available USB port


Supported Devices

  • 369 Motor Management Relay

  • 469 Motor Management Relay

  • 489 Generator Management Relay

  • 745 Transformer Management Relay

  • 750/760 Feeder Management Relay

  • ALPS Advanced Line Protection System

  • B30 Bus Differential Relay

  • B90 Bus Differential System Relay

  • C30 Controller Relay

  • C60 Breaker Management Relay

  • D30 Line Distance Relay

  • D60 Line Distance Relay

  • DGP Digital Generator Protection

  • DLPD Digital Line Protection System

  • F35 Multiple Feeder Management Relay

  • F485 Communication Converter

  • FM2 Feeder Manager 2

  • F60 Feeder Management Relay

  • F650 Bay Controller

  • G30 Generator Management Relay

  • G60 Generator Management Relay

  • L60 Line Phase Comparison Relay

  • L90 Line Current Differential Relay

  • M60 Motor Management Relay

  • T35 Transformer Management Relay

  • T60 Transformer Management Relay

  • PQM Power Quality Meter

  • PQM II Power Quality Meter

  • MIB High Impedance Digital Protection Relay

  • MIF Digital Feeder Relay

  • MIFII Digital Feeder Relay

  • MIG Digital Machine Protection Relay

  • MIN Digital Ground Protection Relay

  • MIV Voltage/Frequency Relay

  • MIVII Voltage/Frequency Relay

  • MIW Directional Power/Loss of Field Relay

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