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Advanced Network Management

A complete suite of software tools to manage the Lentronics family of communications products.

Lentronics VistaNET

Simplifying Optical Networks

Lentronics™ Advanced Network Management solution is a complete suite of software tools to securely manage the GE Lentronics family of telecommunications products, consisting of JunglePAX Hybrid MPLS/SONET/SDH, JungleMUX SONET and T1 Multiplexers, TN1U and TN1Ue SDH Multiplexers and E1 Multiplexers.

Solution Suite includes:

Advanced Network Management - EnerVista™ INSIGHT

  • EnerVista™ INSIGHT is a customized Smart Tiles® designed by GE to further simplify network management tasks for industrial communication devices

  • Licensed to GE by Megasys Computer Technologies® to converge multiple platforms onto one pane of glass

  • Employs ‘Smart Tile’ technology to enhance usability and efficiency through tile relationships (parent/child) for automatic tracking of actions


Embedded Management Solution (eMS) for the JunglePAX Platform

  • Redundant embedded element managers running within each JunglePAX CORE module provides operational staff with network-wide visibility from any node and without access or dependency on the EnerVista™ INSIGHT NMS platform

  • Supports Netconf (RFC 6241) for secure connectivity with GE’s EnerVista™ INSIGHT

  • Offers CLI and HTTPS connection via a secure web-browser connection


VistaNET™ Element Manager for GE Multiplexers

  • A Windows PC/Server-based that provides 24/7 monitoring, configuration and administration of your SONET/SDH/T1/E1 or Teleprotection Terminal (TTMX) Multiplexers

  • Interfaces to EnerVista™ INSIGHT's solution via SNMPv1, 2c and 3 for security and confidentiality


Key Benefits

  • Provides full FCAPS (Fault, Configuration, Administration, Performance and Security) support for GE's equipment under one pane-of-glass, with

    • Edge-to-Edge provisioning of all VTU’s, tunnels and services (JunglePAX) via NETCONF

    • Monitoring of SONET/SDH Multiplexers alarms, performance and activity logs via SNMPv3

  • Provides a high-availability, truly synchronized solution that allows operators to use all systems concurrently, and to ensure connectivity of the underlying network is always available

  • Is scalable; working with thousands of networking equipment vendor solutions to create an effective over-arching management solution that reduces complexity and Operational Expenditure (OPEX) of running multiple management platforms

  • Is extendable; allowing customers to pay as you grow with new features and functionality

    • Email and Escalation allows users to escalate issues automatically via email or SMS

    • Advanced Logic Processor monitors and correlates events in real time across multiple systems

Communication Protocols

Connectivity between SONET/SDH, T1/E1, MPLS-TP, Hybrid and Industrial Switch platforms is seamlessly managed through GE’s Advanced NMS regardless of the device's communication protocol, including SNMP v1, 2c, 3, NETCONF, CLI, ensuring its effectiveness as a single network management solution for all your GE Industrial

Communication devices.


Database Performance and Synchronization

GE’s Advanced NMS solution is built on object-orientated and SQL databases for unsurpassed performance that can handle thousands of alarms per second, continuously, ensuring that all information is available to the operator. Synchronizing the databases in real time across different appliances ensures no loss of network visibility in the event of a server failure, which is a key requirement of NERC, FERC and CIP compliance. Massive scaling of the database is also supported, ensuring data collection and retention of your collected data is protected.


Graphical User Interfaces and User Applications

GE’s Advanced NMS solution provides several different dynamic graphical user interfaces to easily navigate, diagnose and solve network issues.

Graphical Screen Manager (GSM): A geographical view that presents alarms and their network location on a GIS map, and depicts a real-life representation of physical equipment for each type of device.


Advanced network management for hardened optical multiplexers and packet/hybrid platforms providing :

  • A real-time synchronized architecture to meet five 9s.

  • High performance engine supports hundreds of users, thousands of network elements, and numerous protocols, all concurrently!

  • EnerVista™ INSIGHT is a product within the Advanced Network Management suite


Smart Tile technology coupled with Megasys’ know-how and GE innovation produce a unified management solution aimed at simplifying ease-of-use, manageability and maintainability across GE’s industrial communication equipment.

GE’s EnerVista™ INSIGHT is a turn-key, tile-based ecosystem that leverages the best graphical tools and controls available in the industry today. Special attention has been placed on reducing the number of clicks operators typically need to make when navigating between chosen assets (nodes, interfaces, facilities), their status (performance, quality, alarms and alerts), and the NMS tasks needed to accomplish a desired outcome (provisioning, testing, problem resolution). The EnerVista™ INSIGHT offers users an optimized layout comprised of individual Smart Tiles that constantly and automatically adjust based on operators input, to feed the user with the associated data that supplements their primary request. Parent-children relationships between tiles are set up and torn down dynamically along with the tiles themselves to create an environment that’s both effective and intuitive.

GE EnerVista™ INSIGHT is offered in LITE and GOLD versions, both framed by a system map tile to visualize inter-device connections and status, along with ‘Physical’ and ‘Traffic’ selectors that aid to refine navigation and asset targeting. EnerVista™ INSIGHT-LITE is designed for operators focused on network-wide event detection and coordination only, with optional functionality to email and escalate issues to a global community of support staff. EnerVista™ INSIGHT-GOLD provides expanded functions to monitor, configure and maintain the managed assets.


Version 8.6 of EnerVista INSIGHT

  • Graphical Services Manager (GSM) for improved visualization of a Network Element (NE). GSM is a real-time agent that accurately reflects the physical NE inventory and interface status.

  • Alarm Details, History, Notes and ImpactedServices have now been added into the Alarms Summary Tile. Users can conveniently use these functions to extract additional information on a selected alarm or read/write notes that’ll remain linked to that alarm for future reference.


Smart Tiles

Smart Tiles are applications within GE’s Advanced Network Manager offering users contextual navigation and customizable dashboards which simplify tasks by reducing the number of application windows open at one time.

A number of tiles are available to users that separately display alarms, PM data, physical topology, facilities & circuits that interact dynamically to the operator's selection. Following Microsoft® standard Windows layouts including ribbon integration, this ‘click once’ technology provides a cohesive representation of network and device status and offers automatic tracking of actions through user-defined tile relationships (parent / child).


How Smart Tiles Empower the Operator

  • Enable users to define their custom views

  • Predict user actions to improve operator effectiveness

  • Accelerate user action and responsiveness

  • Minimize user “clicking” and launching of additional applications

  • Save preferred dashboard configurations and run concurrent dashboards

  • Extend field technician capabilities with browser access to key tiles

eMS Components

The JunglePAX solution follows a utility telecom model for device, element and network management functionality. Central to the overall architecture, a highly functional and redundant embedded Management System (eMS) is running within each CORE module to complement external managers and to simplify their complexity.

eMS exists within each CORE module, independent of data and control planes. It facilitates :

  • Device-level requests, and

  • Network-wide service & infrastructure requests from element and network management solutions.

From a user’s perspective, network management of a JPAX network is performed through EnerVista™ INSIGHT, local-management of a node is performed via the embedded manager hosted within the gateway node acting as a secure agent for FCAPS functions. eMS is also used by technical staff for initial equipment setup, local configuration changes, alarm and event analysis through an off-the-shelf web-browser such as Google Chrome. Web browsers establish a secure connection through an NMS port at any JPAX node acting as a proxy (eMS gateway node) to visualize the entire JPAX network, independent from the NMS platform. eMS is also implemented in a software redundant manner within each JPAX node to ensure high availability and reliability.



VistaNET is a complete suite of software tools to manage the GE Lentronics family of multiplexers, consisting of JungleMUX SONET and T1 Multiplexers (T1MX), TN1U and TN1Ue SDH and E1 Multiplexers (E1MX). VistaNET comprises different licensed features including :

VistaNET may be installed on to any of the following operating systems

  • Windows 10 OS (recommended)/ Windows 7

  • Windows Server 2019 / 2016/ 2012 R2

  • Microsoft Azure™

Network Management System Features

GE’s NMS for Hardened Optical Networks solution offers:


Advanced Network Management



FCAPS model

Customizable arrangement of smart tiles

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