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MiCOM  Agile P652

Transformer Protection

The Agile P652 is a dedicated protection relay intended for protection of  two winding transformers. The P652 relay performs an important role with its diagnostic features for improving asset health monitoring. These relays are “CE” marked for safety.

The P652 provides  extensive protection functions including high-speed differential, inrush restraint, Restricted earth fault (high or low impedance modes), thermal overload, backup overcurrent / earth-fault /negative sequence overcurrent protection (HV and LV) and breaker failure detection for HV and LV breakers.

P652 relays offer essential supervision like measurement, monitoring and  recording  functions, communication  protocols for transmitting relay data to a supervisory control system via communication networks, and  an  intuitive HMI for ease of access and configuration. The relay is easily customizable using programmable BI/BO/LEDs/AND logic. The software tools make setting a simple task, and permit access to all the recorded information for monitoring, maintenance and troubleshooting purposes. The hardware capability is broadened by a universal auxiliary power supply range to permit standardization in procurement and inventories.

Customer Benefits:

  • Optimised protection for Transformer applications

  • Supports all typical two-end (winding) applications

  • Cost effective

  • Measurement / protection / monitoring in one box

  • Front USB port for local communication

  • Flexible SCADA communication options

  • Universal, wide-range auxiliary supply

  • Diagnostic / maintenance facilities

  • Identical form factor with P50 Agile basic feeder/motor relays

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P652 Brochure

P652 Manual

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