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MiCOM Agile P74x

The MiCOM Agile P74x offers high performance, secure and sensitive protection for all types of busbar configurations at all voltage levels. Consisting of the Agile P741, P742 and P743 relays, the P74x platform is engineered to provide a centralized or distributed architecture with CT saturation detection, dynamic topology processing algorithms and a fast reset (less than 1 cycle) circuit breaker failure element.

Key Benefits

  • Tripping time is constant, less than 1 cycle and independent of the fault current, the substation topology and the number of feeders

  • Free of charge software tools for easy scheme monitoring

  • Connection between central and peripheral units is by fiber, eliminating EMC, touch and step potential issues


  • P741 Busbar Central Unit

  • P742 Busbar Peripheral Unit

  • P743 Extended Busbar Peripheral Unit


  • Typical operating time of 8ms with high speed/high break contacts, 13ms with standard contacts

  • Sensitive earth fault elements improve detection of resistive or arcing faults

  • Phase segregated biased current differential high speed busbar protection

  • Easy maintenance, operation and future expansion of the busbar supported

  • Up to 28 peripheral units supported - scalable busbar solutions from medium to large substations


Tool & Remote HMI

MiCOM Agile P74x Busbar Topology Configuration Tool and Remote HMI Tool Features

  • Scheme editor: allows the user to define and create a P74x busbar scheme using busbar, CT, circuit breaker and isolator graphical icons

  • Synoptic: allows the user to allocate IEDs (P741, P742, P743) to the busbar scheme synoptic.

  • Dynamic synoptic: allows the user to display the P74x measured analogue quantities and DDB (digital data bus) status information via the user defined P74x scheme created using the scheme editor in accordance with downloaded embedded configuration of P74x IEDs

  • File merge: with this feature the user can automatically create the synoptic settings from above tools into a default setting file of IEDs

micom agile p74x.png

MiCOM Agile P74x Brochure 

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