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P40 Agile P14N, P14D, P94V

P40 Agile Feeder Management

The P14N non-directional feeder, P14D directional feeder and P94V voltage and frequency IEDs bring the design rigor and technology of transmission applications to the entire utility and industrial market. The footprints of both the device physical size and the lifecycle environmental impact have been minimized using state-of-the-art design, component, and process selection. Agile solutions from GE are ideal for new-build and retrofit alike.

Agility and Versatility

MiCOM P40 Agile IEDs provide an integrated solution for the complete protection, control and monitoring of electrical power systems. Application for overhead lines, underground cables, busbars, breakers, transformers, reactors and distributed generation is supported, right from distribution (as primary protection) to transmission voltage levels (as back-up). The IEDs are suitable for a wide variety of applications in solidly-earthed, resistance-earthed and Petersen coil systems.


Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive current, voltage, power and frequency protection

  • Multi-stage independent protection elements, customizable curves

  • Universal power supply, binary input ratings and 1A/5A CT – avoids order options

  • Records up to 2048 events, graphical logic engine, distance-to-fault location

  • Two stage circuit breaker failure and breaker condition monitoring

  • Switchgear supervision including CT/VT, DC supply, full ‘H7’ trip circuit supervision

  • Substation communications including IEC 61850, Ethernet redundancy, serial and concurrent protocols

  • Compact, withdrawable design for reduced space applications

  • Ecodesigned with Product Environmental Profile (PEP), no resident battery



The P40 Agile family delivers extensive protection, control and communications capabilities.  Design attention has ensured that performance, sensitivity, customization and flexibility are delivered in a way that minimizes configuration and commissioning effort. The devices are configured in software with few order code variants, providing standardization that reduces the risk of mis-ordering, enabling easy stocking and reducing spares holding inventory.

Intelligent dependencies on settings declutter the menu, hiding any un-needed settings and/or disabled elements based on the configuration. Default applications are pre-loaded and a simple configuration column readies the product for application from a single touchpoint.  Overall, the need to navigate a list of settings is reduced by approximately 80% - you only see what you need to.

The draw-out design permits fast extraction and insertion of the device active part, with inherent safety features to minimize any risks associated with open-circuit CTs.  The relay PCBAs (printed circuit boards) have harsh environmental coating as standard, to shield from contaminants such as moisture, salt mist and atmospheric pollution, extending operational life.

Two variants are available within the P40 Agile range:

Scalable version

Supporting 20TE (4 inch), 30TE (6 inch) and 40TE (8 inch) case widths, with MIDOS ring lug terminals

The Scalable version is well-suited to refurbishment applications where legacy 4U rack relays are removed. It also offers pin-to-pin refurbishment of K-series relays.  The scalable version has great synergy with GE’s MiCOM P40 range, with settings, logic, M4 ring lugs and the PC toolsuite being common – lessening training needs.  Downed conductor (Hi-Z), transient ground fault and PWH wattmetric functions provide advanced functionality. The scalable application is identified as design suffix (variant) ‘A’.


Enhanced Compact version

20TE (4 inch) case, with shallow depth of less than 160mm behind panels and pin terminal I/O

P40 Agile Enhanced is suited to shallow-depth installations at new sites or as a refurbishment of induction disk IDMT relays. With Binary I/O counts of up to 11i + 11o/14i + 9o, Ethernet connectivity, a sample rate of 64 samples/cycle allowing for higher harmonics and THD measurement, and linked protection elements offering enhanced protection for networks with connected renewable generation, the P40 Agile Enhanced is a versatile solution for feeder protection & control.  The enhanced compact range is identified as design suffix (variant) ‘E’.

Enhanced Compact

P40 Agile Enhanced is a compact feeder and voltage relay platform delivering highly-adaptable protection and control.  Fast overcurrent, ground fault, voltage and frequency elements form the central core of performance.  Advanced functionality includes programmable logic and flexible configuration capabilities, plus an extensive suite of communication protocols.  Switchable communication protocols are supported for ease of integration into new or existing SCADA/DCS systems.  The hardware is standardized, providing a universal power supply, multi-range inputs/outputs, and CT/VTs, to reduce order code variants and stocking / spares inventories.

P40 Agile Enhanced offers power quality monitoring including harmonic detection and recording with a sampling rate of 64 samples/cycle, fast protection execution, data-logging, oscillography and events capture.  This enables operators to pinpoint issues quickly, ensuring service reliability and availability.

With a 20TE (4”) withdrawable case, shallow depth, and high density I/O, panel design is simplified and more economical. P40 Agile Enhanced natively supports IEC 61850 Edition 2 and offers a single CID settings file for faster substation engineering.  It also supports advanced cybersecurity features including RBAC (role-based access control) and Syslog, offering defense against threats and full traceability of user actions.

Embedded suite of serial and Ethernet protocols including IEC 61850 Ed. 2, IEC62439 (PRP/HSR), Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, IEC 60870-5-103, DNP 3.0 serial and DNP 3.0 Ethernet protocols facilitate ease of integration to legacy and greenfield systems. Choice of copper or fiber Ethernet interface available to fit customer needs.

Key features & benefits of this range include:

  • Compact design for power distribution and industry applications, ideal for on-switchgear installation

  • Draw-out construction for simplified testing, commissioning and maintenance

  • High I/O density - up to 11 inputs / 11 outputs or 14 inputs / 9 outputs - in a case as small as 20TE (4 inch) width x 155mm depth

  • Redundant Ethernet communication (PRP/HSR) ensuring uninterrupted data exchange

  • CyberSentry™ Advanced Security, including AAA, role-based access control and Syslog

  • Single setting file for relay configuration – fast set-up, simple as-installed record, full traceability

  • Faster response to faults limits arcing energy and the duration of touch/step potential rise

  • Uptime - condition monitoring of the relay and the entire primary equipment bay/cell

  • Monitors renewables – harmonics imposed on the grid with THD measured up to the 21st order

  • Extensive recording - 2048 events, 25 fault records, disturbance recording at up to 128 samples/cycle

  • Accurate IEEE® 1588 (PTP), IRIG-B and SNTP time synchronization

  • Precise fault location aids dispatching of troubleshooting crews

  • Harsh environment coating as standard

  • Ecodesign with documented Product Environmental Profile (PEP)

  • Designed with an IEC62443-4-1:2018 certified secure development lifecycle process






















Simulation & Testing

To aid commissioning, a simulation feature is provided to test the relay’s functionality and response to programmed conditions, without the need of external AC voltage and current inputs. When placed in simulation mode, the relay suspends reading actual AC inputs, generates samples to represent the programmed phasors, and loads these samples into the memory to be processed by the relay. Normal (pre-fault), fault and post-fault conditions can be simulated to exercise a variety of relay features. Other test operations are also possible such as an LED lamp test for each color, contact input states and testing of output relays.

Application Model Selection


































Scalable Version

The P40 Agile scalable range (design suffix ‘A’) offers standardization and adaptability, addressing applications from distribution (as primary protection) to transmission (as back-up protection solution). A withdrawable design with 4”, 6”, and 8” case sizes for reduced space applications and MIDOS 4mm heavy-duty terminals for DC and AC terminations are central to its design. Advanced communications with support for up to two Ethernet ports, and optional redundancy protocols (RSTP or PRP/HSR) offer easy integration with substation automation systems for increased situational awareness. Scalable binary I/O and trip circuit supervision can coexist in a single package for demanding applications. Powerful graphical logic allows the user to customize the protection and control functions, program the opto-isolated binary inputs, relay outputs and LEDs.

Key features & benefits of this range include:

  • Phase and ground protection, including sensitive earth settable down to 1mA pick-up

  • Multi-stage independent protection elements, variety of curves in 4 setting groups

  • High impedance fault, load encroachment, switch onto fault and fault locator

  • Rate of change, full-scheme auto-reclose and synchrocheck, transient ground fault

  • Scalable hardware, covering the MIDOS case 20 (4 inch), 30 (6”) and 40TE (8”) models

  • Single Ethernet, PRP and HSR redundancy available

  • Certified for feeder and high impedance busbar applications

  • Two stage circuit breaker failure and breaker condition monitoring

  • Switchgear supervision including CT/VT, DC supply, full Trip Circuit Supervision

  • Switch control and status (up to 8), up to 2048 events and 15 disturbance records of 10.5 seconds each

























Advanced Communications

Two communication ports are standard: a rear port providing remote communications and a front USB port for substation operators for local device configuration and management.

Additionally up to two Ethernet ports can be ordered to achieve Ethernet communication redundancy.

Supported Communication Protocols Include:

  • Courier / K-Bus

  • Modbus

  • IEC 60870-5-103

  • DNP 3.0 (RS485 serial or Ethernet)

  • IEC 61850 Ed.1 (100 Mbit/s Ethernet)

  • IEC 61850 Ed. 2 and with IEC 60870-5-103 or Courier/K-Bus protocols available for concurrent serial connection

  • Redundant Ethernet protocols PRP, HSR and RSTP also available with dual RJ45 or dual fiber media

Flexible Hardware Platform

  • Space-saving 4U height and 20TE (4"), 30TE (6") or 40TE (8") case sizes

  • Wide choice of opto-isolated binary inputs and output relays

  • Binary inputs ESI 48-4 EB2 compliant – avoids spurious pickup from induction on field wiring

  • High density I/O with up to 13 inputs & 12 outputs

  • N/O (Form A) and N/C (Form B) watchdog contacts

  • Field upgradeable to change the relay model avoiding costly hardware change

MiCOM S1 Agile Software Toolsuite

  • Simplified configuration file creation and management, following the substation topology

  • Ethernet and IEC 61850 configuration, including SCL import and export

  • Programmable logic, menu text and IDMT curve profiles

  • Setting conversion from MiCOM P20 series and K-series to P40 Agile Scalable version

  • Events and disturbance record extraction and viewing











K-Series to P40 Agile Retrofit Upgrade

Many distribution utilities have a large installed base of 1st generation numerical K-series relays. A fast retrofit upgrade is required to replace with modern P40 Agile relays, in the minimum of downtime.

The new relays need zero or minimal configuration as the K-series “as-fitted” settings are extracted and automatically converted to match the P40 Agile Scalable relays. Configuration and injection testing is done away from the destination feeder, in a spare case. The device is pin-to-pin compatible with the legacy relay case which is left intact - no wiring is disturbed, and the feeder outage time is less than 5 minutes.

CDG to P40 Agile retrofit

The Agilefit CDG retrofit solution** enables customers to replace their CDG overcurrent and/or earth fault relays with a P14N relay to obtain the latest benefits of P40 Agile. This retrofit kit provides a pre-wired cradle allowing the P14N relay to slide into the existing CDG relay case. The AgileFit CDG retrofit includes a P14NB or P14NZ relay equipped with standard earth CT or SEF CT input and an RS485 rear communications port. Use the Agilefit CDG retrofit kit model number and wiring diagram to identify which inputs and outputs are applicable to the delivered variant.

Key Benefits of Retrofit

  • Complete protection, control and monitoring of feeders

  • Wider setting range

  • Front USB port for rapid access

  • Harsh environmental coating as standard

  • Easy installation – retrofit kit slides into existing CDG case

  • Minimal impact on wiring, downtime merely minutes

MCGG, MIDOS and Modulex retrofit

GE’s application and services teams are adept in providing retrofit solutions for our installed base of former English Electric, AEI, Chamberlain & Hookham, GEC Measurements, FIR, AREVA and Alstom-branded devices. In particular, the 4U MIDOS case format of P40 Agile Enhanced assists in refurbishment of MCGG, METI, KCGG, KCEG, KCGU, KCEU, KVFG, KMPC, KAVS, KAVR100, KVTR, Modulex MX3 models and first-generation MiCOM. Retrofit of PBO and IAC relays is eased if the P40 Agile Enhanced (compact) model is selected for its shallow depth, extending less than 160mm behind the panel.


P40 Agile P14N, P14D, P94V


Scalable version


P40 Agile P14N, P14D, P94V

Enhanced Compact version


P14D Functional Block Diagram

Annotation 2022-03-23 140722.jpg
Annotation 2022-03-23 155622.jpg
Annotation 2022-03-23 160735.jpg

P14D Functional Block Diagram


The front-panel interface allows direct IED interaction. Integrated user function keys and tri-color programmable LEDs provide a cost-effective solution for control and annunciation.


K-Series Legacy

Minimum downtime is needed to retrofit upgrade from K-Series to P40 Agile relays

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