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Automated five Gases plus Moisture Online DGA



The Transfix™ DGA 500 is an on-line monitoring unit that measures five individual dissolved gases and moisture, and provides both on-line monitoring and key exploratory diagnostics. It uses GE’s advanced Photo-acoustic spectroscopy (PAS) technology, made popular due to its accuracy, repeatability and lack of consumable through its bigger brother the Kelman™ Transfix.

Key Benefits

  • Automated, on-line multi-gas and moisture monitoring

  • Provides early identification of arcing issues before they become critical failures

  • Ability to perform Duval’s triangle DGA diagnostic

  • Easily replaceable with a full nine gas unit

  • Communicates data to allow remote diagnostic

  • No carrier or calibration consumable gases required

  • Available with AC or AC/DC power supply



Power Utilities:

  • Middle of the road solution for medium-criticality transformers

  • Monitoring together with remote exploratory diagnostic


Industrial Plants:

  • Reduces the risk of process interruption due to power failure

  • Minimizes costly production downtime

Transfix DGA 500.png
1-Transfix DGA 500.png



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