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MultiLink ML3000 Series

Managed Ethernet Switches


The MultiLink™ 3000 Series of managed Ethernet Switches has been designed for the specific requirements of devised used in utility and industrial environments. These devices support may unique features that allow for full redundancy under network fault conditions.


ML3000 Series includes:

  • ML3000 & ML3001 - continue with full availability

  • ML3100 & ML3101* Sales of these products have been discontinued. As an alternative, please refer to S20 or ML3000 or ML3001.

Key Benefits


  • Supports up to 32-ports Power over Ethernet,
    reducing wiring complexity and cost (model dependent)

  • Supports 1588v2 for high precision timing applications

  • Models with optional field replaceable power supplies available

  • High density substation Ethernet switch

  • Up to 36-ports copper (model dependent)

  • Up to 18-ports fiber (model dependent)

Key Features


Industrially Hardened

  • UL listed/CE agency approved

  • IEC 61850 and IEEE 1613 approval for operation in electric substation environments

  • Redundant and mixed power supply options for increased reliability

  • Harsh chemical environment options ensures product function and viability



  • Secure management via SSL

  • Port security prevents unauthorized devices from gaining access to the network

  • Multi-level passwords with levels of privilege and command for different users or groups

  • Complete event logging for forensic and regulatory auditing and reporting


Managed Networks

  • Supports 1588v2 timing and the C37.238 Power Profile

  • Supports SNMPv3 with full backwards compatibility for v1 and v2

  • Traffic segregation and prioritization control via IEEE 802.1p and IEEE 802.1Q

  • Hardware and software alarm contacts for detection of critical network or switch events

  • LLDP to support topology discovery in Network Management Systems (NMS)



  • Support for industrial protocols (e.g. Modbus)

  • IP out-of-the-box for easy installation and setup

  • Simple but powerful web management interface for all configuration functions

Port and Power Supply Options

Key Applications


PoE can be used to power PoE-capable surveillance cameras, telephones and badge readers, allowing customers to reduce wiring. The ML3000 supports both the 802.1af PoE and 802.1at PoE+ standards, with up to 32 ports PoE or 16 ports PoE+. The ML3100 supports the 802.1at PoE+ standard, with up to 16 ports PoE+.

The MultiLink ML3000 Series supports the end-to-end transparent clock, boundary clock and ordinary clock as specified in the IEEE 1588v2 standard. This allows a timing signal to maintain its accuracy as it passes through an Ethernet network. Customers can reduce wiring costs by relying on their substation LAN to deliver a high accuracy timing signal.

Web Interface


Easy-to-Use Web Configuration and Reporting Software

The EnerVista Web configuration software allows the programming of settings in the MultiLink Ethernet Switches using a simple web browser. Accessible by typing the pre­configured IP address of your switch into the address bar of a web browser, the user-friendly graphical interface allows for easy navigation, monitoring and configuration through simple point-and-click operations.

  • Communication status & port navigation

  • Instant graphical indication of the status of all communication ports

  • Identify the configuration of all communication parameters

  • The ability to click on any of the shown Ethernet terminals to jump immediately to the settings screen for that port


Intuitive Menu Driven Configuration

  • Navigate through configuration screens using an easy to understand categorized menu tree

  • Configure all settings using menu driven pull-down fields

  • Program alarm triggers by selecting from a list of all possible conditions

  • Eliminate the need to memorize any CLI commands


Powerful Troubleshooting Statistics

  • Monitor traffic statistics using intuitive bar graph representations

  • Identify the amount and type of traffic sent and received through each port of the switch

  • Simplify troubleshooting by identifying the number of CRC errors, collisions, and dropped packets occurring on each port

  • Clear and restart the capturing of port statistics to allow for troubleshooting of specific network problems

ML3000 Managed Ethernet Switch with 1588v2 Timing


ML3100 Managed Ethernet Switch with 1588v2 Timing - Legacy


MultiLink ML3000 Series Brochure

ML3000 equipped with PoE power supply supported input voltage for PoE or PoE+. Available with a field replaceable power supply in the ML3001 model.


MultiLink ML3000 Series Manual


ML3100 equipped with PoE+ power supply supported input voltage for PoE+. Available with a field replaceable power supply in the ML3101 model.

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