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Connect MiCOM P40 IEDs to PCs with USB ports

The P40U adaptor is the solution for users who want to communicate with GE MiCOM P40 IEDs via PCs that have USB communication ports.

The P40U Px40 USB Adaptor is used to connect local serial/parallel port relays to a laptop/PC, so that settings may be transferred to/from the relay and PC, allowing firmware updates and menu text editing. The P40U Adaptor fits any MiCOM P40 relays in GE’s installed base including Areva, Alstom and GE brands.

Using this adaptor is quick and easy. Simply install the S1 Agile version 1.4.2 or higher on your PC, plug in the adaptor and you are ready to communicate.


Features and Benefits

  • Designed for high speed transmissions for optimal performance

  • Special adaptor software not required - all is hosted natively within the S1 Agile toolsuite

  • Serial and parallel port connection in-one

  • Allows common interface cable to be used for the installed base with legacy ports and future MiCOM P40 with native USB



  • RS-232C standard compliant

  • Powered by your computer's USB bus

  • DB 9 male and DB25 male connectors


Hardware Requirements

  • Compatible with Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 or higher with 32 / 64 bits

  • A PC with one available USB port


Supported Devices

  • P14x Feeder Management Relay

  • P145 High Impedance Busbar Relay

  • P24x Motor Management Relay

  • P34x Generator Management Relay

  • P44x & P44y Line Distance Relay

  • P54x Line Current Differential Relay

  • P54M Multi-ended Line Current Differential Relay

  • P547 Phase Comparison Relay

  • P64x Transformer Management Relay

  • P746 & P747 Centralized Bus Differential Relay

  • P740 Decentralized Bus Differential System Relay

  • P84x Feeder Management Relay

  • P847 Phaser Measurement Relay




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