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Energy Aggregator

Energy Visualization, Analysis and Reporting Software Solution

GE’s Energy Aggregator allows facility managers to effectively manage energy ownership through automated meter data collection, visualization of key data for better decision making, and fair billing and reporting for financial environmental incentives. With Energy Aggregator’s accurate and easy to understand energy reporting, tenant satisfaction is also improved.

Designed to work with GE’s advanced logging EPM Meters, Energy Aggregator provides a complete energy management visualization, analysis and reporting solution to effectively execute baseline assessments and ongoing studies to support energy management planning.

Key Benefits

  • Improve tenant satisfaction, energy ownership and savings by providing fair usage billing, visualization and analysis of energy usage.

  • Complete, cost effective visualization, reporting and billing solution to identify losses; define, measure and action energy management goals.

  • Increase operational efficiency and change energy usage behavior.

  • Automatically collect and centralize data from GE’s logging EPM Meters (EPM 4600/7000 series/9000 Series)

  • Easy setup and low ongoing cost of maintenance and ownership with features such as automated setup/update, data retrieval, and report/billing generation.

Comprehensive Energy Visualization

Energy Aggregator provides a complete picture of energy usage with valuable data-based insight and analysis to improve tenant satisfaction and increase energy ownership.

  • Easy to understand, visual dashboard views to provide trending reporting and comparison analysis over time

  • Determine inefficiencies and savings opportunities, to reduce energy demand by centrally and accurately collecting and visualizing data

  • Provide accurate, data-based insight to tenants to increase ownership and change energy consumption

  • Centralize collection for a complete view of energy consumption including electrical, water, air, gas, steam, etc.

  • Compare energy consumption with location based weather data

Automated Report Generation

Energy Aggregator provides standardized and customizable reports that are automatically generated and distributed to decision makers and management, enabling constant awareness.

  • Standardized and customizable reports provide insight on high-value aspects of energy consumption to make effective decisions

  • Automated report generation and distribution ensures accurate, consistent reporting and constant awareness with low resource effort

  • Easily baseline, determine and pinpoint opportunities for savings and energy improvements

  • Example reports include:

    • Usage Summaries

    • Location-based Temperature Impact on Usage/Demand

    • Monthly/Yearly Meter Comparisons

    • Peak Day/Week Profile

    • Average Hourly/Daily Usage

Automated Energy Billing

Energy Aggregator generates standardized and customizable bills with support for rate structures and charges. Generated bills can be sent and distributed automatically to users as per a defined interval reducing resource efforts and costs involved with engaging other billing service providers.

  • Standardized and customizable billing provides fair billing based on energy consumption

  • Automated bill generation and distribution ensures accurate, consistent reporting and ownership with low resource effort and eliminates need to engaging billing service providers

  • Support for rates structures such as fixed, tiered or TOU rates (fixed, seasonal) as well as additional charges, taxes

  • Ability to bill completely for energy as well as other commodities such as Water, Air, Gas, and Steam



































Simplified Commissioning & Lower Cost of Ownership

Energy Aggregator is designed with functionality to make both initial setup and ongoing maintenance of the system easy for users.

  • Automated discovery of meters eliminates setup errors and reduces configuration challenges

  • Reduces initial commissioning efforts and ongoing operating and maintenance costs with automated setup, report email functionality and application updates

  • Easy to use reporting setup for customized report formats or export to other systems


































System Requirements



Energy Aggregator Brochure

Energy Aggregator



Compare energy usage between different areas over time periods

Generate reports to visualize and analyze total and peak demand


Compare cost data between metered areas

Generate reports to visualize energy usage


Generate and distribute standardized and customizable bills


Easily add meters through Meter Manager auto scan functionality

Simple configuration of peak demand charges

Visually confirm rate structure setup

User-friendly report/bill configuration

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