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The TRANSFIX is an 9-gas on-line transformer DGA monitoring unit. Using specially developed advanced photo-acoustic detection technology, the TRANSFIX measures all significant fault gases (in ppm) as outlined by international standards as well as moisture in oil (%RH & ppm). The measurement of these gases allows the user to detect and diagnose a complete range of transformer faults.



  • Transformer faults detected in their infancy, minimizing costly unplanned outages and equipment failure.

  • Remote assessment of fault type and severity

  • Transformer output optimized safely, maximizing your assets.

  • Designed for field use – global installation by almost all major utilities.

  • Photo Acoustic Technology – no costly consumables/calibration gases required.



  • DGA & Water – Nine gases (hydrogen, methane, ethane, ethylene, acetylene, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen) plus moisture.

  • Inputs/Outputs for additional sensors including load and oil temperature.

  • Hourly Sampling – Real-time DGA results down to once per hour.

  • Communication Options – Extensive local and remote communications options.

  • Alarm Settings – Sophisticated programmable alarm system.

  • Acceleration of sampling rate – automatic increase in sampling rates if gas concentrations exceed caution or alarm settings.

  • Minimal Maintenance – Reduces expense and inconvenience for user.

  • Easy Installation – Simple, straightforward procedures.



  • Medium and large sized transformers.

  • Medium/High/Critical risk and/or consequence of failure.


  • Generation, Transmission and industrial transformers.

  • Complete transformer monitoring and diagnostics.

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Kelman TRANSFIX Brochure

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