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Gridcom DXC

Access and Transmission Multiplexer

Reliable and fast communication is vital for continuous operation of power delivery systems and mission-critical operational services. GE’s Gridcom DXC suite of products offer hybrid platforms to enable aggregation and transport of all operational services over optical fibers.

For many years now, telecommunication networks have been undergoing significant changes. Increased bandwidth requirements and a large variety of services to be transported have led to much more versatile but also complex access and transmission equipment, adapted for the next generation of networks.

Gridcom DXC/eDXC/DXC-S is more than a conventional access and transmission platform, and is based on a modular and evolutive configuration platform. The range of Gridcom DXC/eDXC interfaces cover all needs from conventional (FXO, FXS, 2/4W E&M, RS232, V.35, V.36, X.21, RS485, 64 k G.703) to more sophisticated configurations oriented toward new data network architectures such as Ethernet, IP and MPLS-TP. Gridcom DXC/eDXC also includes a standard C37.94 interface to interconnect protection and teleprotection devices through optical fibre, G.703 Co-directional and 1/0 dry contact alarms.


Key Benefits

  • Cost effective solution

  • High quality of service

  • Very high modularity, covering a multitude of needs from conventional to more sophisticated configurations, and new data network architectures

  • High level of reliability via full redundancy

  • High board density

  • TDMoIP for multiplexing on native Gigabit Ethernet

  • Tested for harsh substation environments


Key Features

  • SNMP management

  • IEC 61850 compatible

  • Optical interfaces

  • Ethernet switching

  • IP routing functions

Fulfilling Utility Requirements

  • Access cross-connect Gridcom DXC (PDH)

  • Enhanced Digital cross-connect Gridcom eDXC (PDH/SDH)

  • Transport cross-connect Gridcom DXC-S (SDH)

The Gridcom DXC/eDXC offers generic slots capable of supporting such interfaces as El/Tl, Ethernet 10/l00Mb compatible with IEC 61850, xDSL, G.703, ISDN, RS232, V35, X21, 2/4W E&M, FXO, FXS, Terminal Server, C37.94, as well as short- and longhaul optical interfaces. All vital parts, such as the power supply and the processing board can also be 1+1 protected.

The Gridcom eDXC/DXC-S provides enhanced capacities on transmission STM1/4/16, MPLS-TP, Gigabit Ethernet connectivity and e-terragridcom eDXC supports all PDH boards available on e-terragridcom DXC equipment.

Taking into account the evolution of IEC 61850 in time, Gridcom assures interoperability with earlier versions of the standard already deployed in substations, as well as the present edition and provides for easy upgrades in the future.


Reliability/ Availability

By concept and design, Gridcom DXC/eDXC/DXC-S is a cost-effective solution to match a high level of availability and harsh environmental constraints.

In addition, it offers a modular approach in terms of protection mechanisms like controller redundancy, shared power supply units as well as 1+1 protection for the 2Mbit/s and optical interfaces, providing a suitable solution to critical applications.

Management System

Different management solutions are available, answering to different network complexities and customer maintenance organizations for remote configuration and management:

  • AEM: Element Management Layer, this solution responds to a centralized monitoring of equipment with Graphical User Interface (GUI).

  • INMS: Network Management Layer is the right solution to fully operate a complex network. In addition to all conventional features usually proposed for the backbone level (Security, graphical user interface, statistics, etc), INMS includes versatile tools for automatic path creation and configuration of equipment simply by a simple “mouse click.”

  • High-availability schemes are available for both AEM and INMS.

  • All equipment are SNMP native and offer direct compatibility with the GE telecom management system Sentinel.


Application Network Example

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